Papers from the APSA Conference 2012

APSA Conference 2012 - Hobart

The 2012 APSA Annual Conference was hosted by The University of Tasmania, Hobart between 24th and 26th September 2012.

The conference website can be found here

Peer Reviewed Papers

Allan, Lyle : Voting Systems, Peak Body Proportional Representation Advocacy and Victorian Local Government

Bromfield, Nicholas : Welcome Home : Reconciliation, Vietnam Veterans, and the Reconstruction o f Anzac Under the Hawke Government

Brookes, Stephanie Younane : The 'Rise of China' in Australian and United States Newspaper Coverage of US President Barack Obama's Australian Visit

Brostrom, Jannika : Re-Evaluating "Cooperative Security" and Good International Citizenship : The Case of Cambodia

Burgmann, Verity : Imagining the End of Capitalism : The Practical-Political Value of Utopian Thinking for the Climate Movement

Carroll, Peter : Australia and Intergovernmental Organisations from 1919 to the 1960s

Carson, Andrea : Watchdog Role of Newspapers The Watchdog Role of Newspapers : Analysing Print Walkley Winners 1956-2011

Chan, Hin Yeung : The Relationship Between Governance Crisis and Public Policy : Beyond the Policy Window

Chou, Mark : Sowing the Seeds of its Own Destruction : Democracy and Democide

Davis, Alexander : Fear, Security and the Other : Competing Conceptions of India in the Australian Colonial Imagination

Dedekorkut-Howes, Aysin and Sloan, Mellini : Disasater Resilience and Local Adaptation Capacity in Coastal Queensland

Drew, B. : Traditional Thai Culture Stigmatising and Silencing Discourse on Non-Marital Sexuality

Elbra, Ainsley : The Curse of International Extractice Firms : Resource Wealth and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Errington, Wayne : Surplus to Requirement : Budget Politics and teh Quality of Economic Debate in Australia

Gale, Melanie : The Adaptive Capacity of Communities Affected by Policy-Making : A Case Study of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Garnier, Adele and Cox, Lloyd : Twenty Years of Mandatory Detention : The Anatomy of a Failed Policy

Glasson, Ben : Aware But Unmoved : Symptoms of the Absent Centre of Climate Change Discourse

Gunstone, Andrew : Reconciliation and 'The Great Australian Silence'

Habib, Benjamin : A "Strong and Prosperous" Country? Field report from North Korea

Harrison, Ryl : Women in Political Leadership : Coming So Far to Fail?

Hill, Lisa : Conceptions of Political Corruption In Ancient Athens and Rome

Howes, Michael; Grant, Deanna; Bosomworth, Karyn; Reis, Kim; Tangney, Peter; Heazle, Michael; McEvoy, Darryn and Burton, Paul : Rethinking Emergency Management and Climate Adaptation Policies

Hussein, Shakira : Gender Discrimination, Multiculturalism and Islam : Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Question of Women

Isakhan, Benjamin : Oil Unions and Democracy in Post-Saddam Iraq

Kefford, Glenn : Are Leaders Becoming More Powerful? Kevin Rudd and the Presidentialization Thesis Re-Examined

King, Marshall : The Troubles of Free Speech Theory

Klassen, Andrew : Electoral Management Autonomy : A Cross-National Analysis from Latin America

Little, Adrian and Macdonald, Kate : Pathways to Democratic International Institutions : Taking Plurality and Turbulence Seriously

McLean, Wayne : 'Power and Ideas in Australian Foreign Policy'

Makinda, Samuel : Knowledge and Development in Africa

Martin, Aaron : Confidence in Political Parties in Australia : Evidence from the AES

Mintrom, Michael : Policy Entrepreneurs and Controversial Science : Governing Human Embryonic Stemm Cell Research

Narramore, Terry : Exercising Sovereignty China's 'Core Interests' and Unfinished National Unification

Pandey, Chandra Lal : International Climate Change Negotiations and the Media

Pavkovic, Alexsandar : Seccession and Its Diverse Definitions

Reid, Sophie : Political Representation and Public Interest Advocacy

Roberts, Cain : Are Domestic Policy Actors A Popular Exhibit in the Foreign Policy Zoo?

Shannon, Elizabeth; Holden, Jane and Van Dam Pieter : Implementing National Health Reform - Is Organisational Culture the Key?

Simpson, Adam : Challenging Injustice Through a Critical Approach to Energy Security : A CEntral Component of Environment Security

Staples, Joan : Environmental Policy, Environmental NGOs and the Keating Government

Sussex, Matthew : Power Shifts 'Rebalancing' and Russian Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific

Taflaga, M : A More Aggressive Parliament? An Examination of Australian Parliamentary Behaviour 1996 to 2012

Webber, Courtney : "Moving Forward?" Changing Relationships Between Government and Non-Government Sectors in Tasmania