APSA Conference 2019

APSA Annual Conference 2019

Australian Political Studies Association Conference 2019 – Shifting Identities, Political Change, and the Idea of the 'Nation'

When: 22nd-25th September, 2019

Where: Hosted by Flinders University, Bedford Park, Main Campus, Adelaide, South Australia

The theme for this year’s conference is focussing on questions of political identity, political change, linked to wider themes of nation and nation-hood.

Politics in the early 21st century is undergoing significant transformation across the globe, with the rise of populism, new threats to democracy and related challenges. These issues present wider challenges to the nation-state, and shifting ideas of citizenship and belonging. An ongoing concern for political science is to better understand the underpinning dynamics of political change, but also continuity.

APSA 2019 will also have a dedicated focus on Indigenous politics and policy issues, and the wider process of reconciliation. We strongly encourage papers and panels that examine these core question, that go to the heart of Australian ‘identity’ and nation-hood.

In terms of political change in the Australian context, we see further evidence of leadership instability. We invite papers that examine change in key political traditions and institutions in a wide range of fields, including social policy, political economy, and international relations.

We strongly encourage colleagues to join these ongoing debates about political change, identity, and nation-hood, and there are streams that include Australian politics, gender and identity politics, comparative politics, public policy, media and politics, Indigenous politics and policy.

At APSA 2019, we will also have a dedicated stream on Politics in Asia, examining issues of change, identity and nation across the continent and region.


Call for Papers and Panels

For the 2019 APSA conference we are inviting papers and panels to consider the wider question of political change, political identity, and nation and nation-hood. Within different contexts, the conference will explore what has changed about current political debates and institutions, and what has remained the same. We are keen to explore related ideas of how citizenship is being redefined and challenged, and the future and contested nature of the nation-state. We invite papers and panels for the following stream areas: Australian politics, comparative politics, environmental politics, public policy and governance, gender and sexuality, political theory, media and politics, Indigenous politics, International Relations, and Asia and Politics.

Please visit the conference website for all conference details.

Any other enquiries can be directed to Dr Rob Manwaring rob.manwaring@flinders.edu.au at Flinders University.