APSA Annual General Meetings

2019 AGM 

2019 Unconfirmed minutes

2018 Minutes

2019 Agenda and accompanying documents. The 2019 AGM was held at 9am, Tuesday 24 September, 2019 at Flinders University, Bedford Park Campus Adelaide. 

2018 AGM

2017 Minutes

2018 Agenda and accompanying documents. The 2018 AGM was held at 9am, Tuesday 24 July, 2018 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, Mezzanine Level, Room GH-Q2

2017 AGM

2016 Minutes

2017 Agenda and accompanying documents. The 2017 AGM was held at 9am, Tuesday 26 September, 2017 at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park in Room Grand 1-2. 

2016 AGM

Please click here for the 2015 Minutes. 

Please click here for the 2016 Agenda and accompanying documents. The 2016 AGM was held at 9am, Tuesday 27 September, 2016 in Matthews Theatre C at the University of New South Wales. 

2015 AGM

Please click here for the 2014 Minutes. 

Please click here for the 2015 Agenda. The 2015 AGM was held at 5pm, Tuesday 29 September, 2015 at the University of Canberra.