About Us

The Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) is the professional association for those teaching and researching in Politics and International Relations in Australia and is dedicated to promoting and facilitating work in the discipline.

APSA's activities include an annual conference which attracts national and international experts, and provides a forum for Early Career Researchers and postgraduate students in the field. In addition, APSA has conference exchange agreements with the UK's Political Studies Association, the New Zealand Political Studies Association and the Canadian Political Science Association.

APSA also publishes the Australian Journal of Political Science (AJPS), distributes  a regular newsletter to members, sponsors workshops organized by members, and liaises with government bodies and learned academics on matters of concern to the discipline.

APSA has an active Women's Caucus, a Postgraduate Student Caucus, a Standing Committee on International Relations (SCIR), an Environmental Politics and Policy Research Group and an Interpretive Policy Analysis Research Group.

APSA is also a member of the International Political Studies Association www.ipsa.org

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