PhD Thesis Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the author of the best PhD dissertation completed in the previous year.  The prize is determined by a sub-committee established by the Executive Committee of APSA.

Heads of Department are invited to submit dissertations awarded to their PhD students in the previous academic year for consideration for The Australian Political Studies Association PhD Thesis Prize. The prize, together with a trophy will be presented at the Annual Conference dinner.

Each Department may only make one submission.

The prize winner will be invited to the APSA Annual Conference dinner to receive their award. A dissertation is eligible for the competition if the examiners have passed it in the one year period up to 31 October of the year prior to nomination.

Past winners: 

2016: Colombina Schaeffer Ortúzar, The University of Sydney, ‘Patagonia Sin Represas: How an Environmental Campaign Transformed Power Landscapes in Chile.’

2015: Samid Suliman, University of Queensland, Migration, Development, and Kinetic Politics.

2014: Sean Durbin, The Revelation of John (Hagee).

2013: Alissa Macoun, University of Queensland, Aboriginality and the Northern Territory Intervention.

2011: Scott MacWilliam, Australian National University, Securing Village Life: Development in Late Colonial Papua New Guinea.

2010: Philippa Collin, University of Western Sydney,The Making of Good Citizens: participation policies, the internet and the development of young people's political identities in Australia and the United Kingdom.

2009: Moya Collett, University of New South Wales, Transversal Communities in West Africa.

2008: Lavina Lee, Macquarie University, Legitimacy and Hegemony: An examination of the nature of the relationship between international legitimacy and followership of the United States in the Gulf Crisis of 1990-1991 and the Iraq Crisis of 2002-2003.

2006: Carolyn Henriks, RSSS, Public Deliberation and Interest Organisations: A Study of Responses to Lay Citizen Engagement in Public Policy.