APSA Conference 2018

The 2018 APSA Annual Conference has been integrated into the 25th World Congress of IPSA, and will be held in Brisbane 21-25 July 2018 (see conference flyer here).

This means that if you wish to present a paper or panel at the 2018 APSA annual conference, you need to submit it via the IPSA online system. (Later, you will also need to register for the 2018 IPSA World Congress –  as an APSA member you will get a 50% discount on the registration cost!)


To submit a paper or panel for the 2018 Congress, please go the the Call for Papers, which is open from now until 10 October 2017.


When you submit a paper or a panel, you will be asked which Congress ‘session' you want to submit it to. The Congress is made up of the following sessions:

  • RC Sessions – organised by each of the 50 Research Committees of IPSA
  • General Sessions – representing big issues and sub-fields of the discipline 
  • APSA Sessions - Australian Politics / Comparative Politics / Environmental Politics / Public Policy and Governance / Gender and Sexuality / Political Theory / Media and Politics
  • OCIS Sessions – International Theory / International Law / International Organisations / Globalisation and IPE / Gender in International Politics / International Security / International Ethics / International Development / Politics in Oceania

Please choose the relevant session/s to submit your paper to, using the online system. APSA members are free to submit papers to any session of the Congress, not only APSA or OCIS sessions. Likewise, all attendees at the IPSA World Congress are permitted to submit papers to APSA and OCIS sessions. The three conferences are fully integrated (please see conference diagram).