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Australian Journal of Political Science

The Australian Journal of Political Science  is the official journal of the Australian Political Studies Association. The journal’s home page can be found at:

APSA is very pleased to announce that a new editorial team from Griffith University, led by Professor Renée Jeffery and Professor John Parkinson, will be taking over at the Australian Journal of Political Science from August this year. This is an exciting time for the journal and the Association looks forward to working with the new editors to build on the excellent efforts of the current Deakin team in raising the journal’s profile and impact. More details to follow in due course.

APSA Preferred Journal List

In 2010, the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) initiative used a set of journal rankings as part of the basis for assessing research quality in Australian higher education. These rankings were subsequently dropped for ERA2012 but many universities continue to use them for internal assessment purposes. The APSA Executive decided that, as the peak body in Political Science and International Relations in Australia, it would be beneficial to our community if we provided our own updated preferred journal rankings for the 1606 and 1605 FOR codes to be used in combination with other metric data rather than relying on the artefact of the ERA 2010 rankings. 

The list was reviewed and updated by a sub-group of the Executive in August 2013. Following recent submissions regarding the APSA 2013 ranked journals list, a sub-committee was tasked with drafting an updated APSA 2016 ranked journals. At the Annual General Meeting on 27 September, 2016, a vote was taken and a motion carried to replace the 2013 list with the updated 2016 list: 

Further information about the methodology informing this process and the membership of the working party can be found in the following documents: 

APSA Newsletter

APSA publishes a newsletter approximately four times per year.  The December edition is available here.

Report on the Members Survey, September 2014

In the lead-up to the 2014 APSA conference, the APSA Executive agreed to a proposal by the president, Brian Head, to conduct a rapid survey of members’ opinions on the nature and future of Political Science. Two hundred survey responses were received. The results were initially reported in the President’s Address to the APSA Conference at the University of Sydney on 1 October, 2014. The full results of the survey can be found here.