Membership Benefits

Remember, being a member of APSA gives you:

  • Free subscription to Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Access to APSA Website
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Reduced attendance fees at the APSA Annual Conference
  • Special offers made by Taylor & Francis Publishers on a selection of Politics titles
  • A Graduate Network
  • Access to a range of Caucus Groups for example, Women’s Caucus and Postgraduate Students Caucus, both of whom run their own events
  • Prizes including the Crisp Medal awarded for the best book published for early career; the Mayer Prize for the best article published in AJPS; Women’s in Politics Prize for best conference paper; and the prize for best PhD awarded in previous year.
  • An Electronic Directory of Political Studies in Australasia
  • Campaigning on your behalf on research, teaching and funding issues.
  • Exchange agreements and concessionary conference rates with the UK's Political Studies Association, the New Zealand Political Studies Association and the Canadian Political Science Association.

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